Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Read: 7/14/2016-7/18/2016Girl on the Train
Format: Audiobook (Started as eBook)

Well, this book confirms that I just cannot stand mysteries. I read this book for bookclub with hesitation because of the genre but I really did try and give it a chance. I started out reading the actual book but 12 pages into it I just couldn’t continue which is why I switched to the audiobook.

First off, the good things:

I loved the narrators. They were able to capture the tone of the book quite well and I really did enjoy their interpretation which is the only reason I gave this a 3 star review. If I were to have kept reading the book, I probably would have given it 2 stars.

Now, onto the bad:

I really hated how predictable this book was. Now to be fair, I worked at a bookstore when this book was HUGE. It was hard to avoid spoilers but still, the plot line was predictable & I was bored throughout the whole book. The only reason I kept listening was because of the narrators.

The characters were frustrating, annoying, and drove me a bit mad. I understand that they were supposed to be broken but I do wish that they had some redeeming factors.

Now, most people claim that this book was fast paced and enraptured them but I found this whole entire novel quite dragging. I found myself bored & wishing that it would just end already.

Ultimately, this novel really wasn’t my cup of tea. I am not a huge mystery person but I was quite disappointed. This book has been and still is HUGE. If you find mysteries interesting and enjoy playing the board game “Clue” you will probably enjoy this novel.