Getting By by Claudia BurgoaGetting By
Read 5/16/14 to 5/17/2014
Format: Ebook

First off, I want to say that I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was contacted by Claudia Burgoa’s publicist and asked if the Denver Coffeehouse Book Club would be interested in reading this novel.  I agreed to bring it to the attention of the book club and ultimately we decided to read the novel and we were lucky enough to have Claudia come to our book club to discuss her novel and her experiences as an author.  Claudia is a new author that lives in Colorado so I was excited to give her book a chance, I was even more excited that the book club was willing to read a romance (we definitely do not read many romances).

I love reading romances because they’re usually quick, easy reads that do not require a lot of thinking and sometimes that is the perfect book to escape into.  As some of you know, I love my romances.  They tend to offer me an escape from my dull and sometimes dreadful life.  They help me imagine what life with a boyfriend/husband, and a little… okay, a lot of drama would be. Ultimately they make me realize that sometimes reality is better than fantasy.

Getting By started off a little rocky. The writing style was something that I had to get used to but that might be because the last two book that I read were “The Shining” and “The Wolf Gift” and those books were slower reads.  There were times where I was confused and found myself asking “when did that happen” within the first two chapters of the book.  I even reread those two chapters twice looking for a kiss that was interrupted by a pedestrian and I have to admit, I am still a little confused.

With the rocky start I was not expecting to like this novel but by a few chapters I was interested and genuinely enjoying myself.  The characters in the novel were your stereotypical characters.  The young woman is beautiful but damaged emotionally and the hero is attractive but damaged by PTSD. Both of them are living with survivor’s guilt and both are coping with their emotional trauma in similar ways.

Ultimately, the book felt a little jumpy to me.  It didn’t seem to flow well in the beginning but by the end I was invested.

I’m going to give this 3 ½ cups of coffee.

4/5 Cups of coffee
*I rounded the rating up to 4 for the picture*