Everyone can be a book enthusiast!  Here are 10 more bookish things to add to the “You Know You’re a Book Enthusiast When” list.

You know you’re a book enthusiast when:

Book Vending

  • You have the complete works of Shakespeare on your phone. –  Thank you, Carolyn!
  • You spend your Friday night reading.
  • You make a reading goal for the year that many people balk at.
  • Meeting your favorite author was the most amazing experience of your life (so far).
  • When your dream relationship involves being able to sit in the same room with your significant other and just read.
  • You get excited to get a new book.
  • You search high and low for a book database program for your phone.
  • You never leave the house without a book.
  • You realize that one of the most important character in friends is their love of reading.
  • You think a book vending machine is one of the greatest bookish inventions. (Thanks Fireside Books & Coffee for making my life complete!)

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Do you have anything to add to the list?  Comment back and your comment may be featured in my next “You Know You’re A Book Enthusiast When” post.  🙂