Have you ever wondered just how much of a book enthusiast you are?  I know I have. When I walk around the store I can usually tell who the bookish people are.  They are the ones who can spend a day walking around book stores and can spend hours conversing about books.  This post is for all the book enthusiasts out there.

You know you’re a book enthusiast when:

Me reading to my adorable niece. Picture taken in 2011.

Me reading to my adorable niece. Picture taken in 2011.
  1. Some of your favorite memories of your niece involve reading her a book.
  2. You go shopping for furniture and wonder if they’ll sell you some of the books on display.
  3. You need a third bookshelf in your room because you have run out of space.
  4. Every conversation you have ends up being about a book you just finished.
  5. One of your dream jobs is to work at a bookstore.
  6. Some of your closest friends are characters in books.
  7. You have multiple copies of your favorite book (Ebook & Book) in case you need to need a pick me up on the go.
  8. You have a calendar dedicated to book release dates.
  9. You go on a vacation and bring multiple books.
  10. You think that a bookstore/library should have a night where they allow customers/patrons to spend the night so that they can read all night long.

Do you have anything to add to the list?  Comment back and your comment may be featured in my next “You Know You’re A Book Enthusiast When” post.  🙂