Holy crap Batman!  I’m actually writing a blog post!

Here I sit, at one of my favorite coffee shops (Solid Grounds), drinking my favorite coffee (a pumpkin spice latte), wondering what to write for this first post. This post is supposed to be profound and make everyone want to subscribe to this blog and I’m definitely struggling with what to post.

I have always loved blogs.  They help you find new foods, new activities, and brand new friends that take shape in the pages of a book.  I’m one of those people who struggles with what to say in a social situation.  I have been plagued with social anxiety ever since I was a small girl who was too scared to ask her teachers for help.  So I have of found that books are a perfect escape.  When looking for something to pass my anxiety ridden time, I found the most amazing thing, a magical land that changes whenever I find a new book.

Books are my stress release and some of my closest friends.  The characters can’t judge me, they’re stuck in between pages.  When upset, I don’t have to talk to resolve the problem, I can just close the pages of the book and be done for the day… you can’t really do that with friends.  As I have grown, I have overcome some of my anxieties, but my love of books hasn’t dwindled.

As my love for books has grown so have the suggestions to start a blog.  I have to admit, writing a blog scares me.  I’m scared that I’m going to make a grammatical error and have the grammar fairy attack me while I type.  I’m nervous that this is going to be just another blog to get lost on the internet.  I am also struggling with the fact that this is a little narcissistic, but honestly, I think these are things that I just need to get over.  It is finally time to tell my fear to back off and listen to the countless friends, family members, and random strangers who have suggested that I start this blog. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am scared, a little frightened, and most of all exhilarated.  I’m excited to share my favorite books, and my opinions.  If anything, my recommendations are written down and waiting to be seen.

These words are meant to be written because I feel the need to write them.

Kristy Jewel.